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Michelle Robisch

Reviews of Tampa Wedding PhotographersDo not hesitate for even one second to book Emily and Thomas as your wedding/engagement photographers! I made a lot of decisions I was happy about on my wedding day, but the choice to have them capture our wedding was the best, most valuable decision I made! Emily is someone who genuinely cares about your enjoyment of your wedding day. Throughout the whole wedding planning process, she responded to every question I could have fathomed — from colors of my groom’s tie to chair rental decisions to logistics about the first day — all in a matter of minutes. She is a superhuman. Emily basically was as close to a wedding planner as I could get without “officially” having the title. She has excellent advice about how to ensure your photos are great, but she is also practical. She always gave an honest opinion, and her advice shaped our wedding day immensely. The best advice Emily gave us (there was a lot of fabulous advice) was to do a First Look. The First Look was my favorite part of the wedding day. My husband and I got to be alone in each other’s company on an otherwise very stressful and overwhelming day for me. It was the calm before the storm, and I loved having Kyle’s first look all to myself. What a perfect moment that I will treasure forever. The talent and passion that they have for photography shines through their beautiful images. They capture the story that is uniquely you. My husband and I love nature and the outdoors, and Emily and Thomas could shoot for National Geographic the way they capture the nature in the background of our shots. To top it all off, Emily and Thomas are reasonably priced, do film and digital photography (which many photographers would charge a premium for), and provide extra services as needed. These two gems even transported me to our first look site on my wedding day! Emily and Thomas, thank you for everything! I know your business will continue to thrive, and I hope we see each other again soon!

Sara Terry

000061380011I seriously could list a million reasons why Emily Katharine Photography is so amazing, but there is limited space here…so I’ll just say this: quality wedding photographs were a high priority for us, so Ive already done the research for you (and I’m talking A LOT of research) , and you won’t find a better value or friend to work with than Emily Katharine (trust me, you will consider her a friend by the end of your wedding planning process!) Emily and Thomas were incredibly adaptable and rolled with last minute changes to plans without any fuss or drama, and even helped out with tasks they noticed needed done the morning of the wedding (as an example, I’m pretty sure making the bed and helping me get into my shoes wasn’t in her contract, but she did it without hesitation! ) Emily also helped me out tremendously with creating a wedding day time line to make sure that the day flowed efficiently for us. As a result, we were able to get all of the photos that were so important to us. To top it all off, Emily and Thomas created jaw-droppingly stunning photos. Seriously folks, I’m even jealous of me when I look at the photos of our day!

Monica Wilson

000082770006Emily & Thomas photographed my wedding in October 2016. I fell in love with Emily’s use of film and natural light in her work (which I found randomly somewhere on the Internet – I am so glad I did!), and when I contacted Emily, she was immediately responsive and helpful. Emily truly cares about her clients, and she brings genuine enthusiasm for love and weddings that comes through in her beautiful work. Emily and Thomas were enthusiastic about traveling three states away to meet us for an engagement shoot. They didn’t blink at staying with me, or at their introduction to my fiance when he called them “stranger danger”! They were professional but also fun – they put us at ease being photographed (one part of the wedding process I’d particularly dreaded), and we became friends (not just photographers/clients – Emily truly works to build relationships). Our engagement and wedding photographs are everything we could’ve asked for and more – Emily and Thomas have a knack of blending in and capturing unscripted moments on which we’ll look back and remember forever. Several of our wedding guests complimented Emily and Thomas for somehow managing to be everywhere at once and, again, for their enduring professionalism and happiness to be a part of the celebration. Photography was a priority for me in wedding planning. Emily was my first choice photographer – and even though I know Emily and Thomas had a long day shooting a wedding the day before ours, they made us feel like we were the only client they had! We love, love, love our wedding photographs and will treasure them forever! I highly recommend Emily Katharine Photography and cannot say enough wonderful things about Emily and Thomas!

De Hamilton

119190010014There’s not enough space here to express how much we truly appreciated and valued Emily and Thomas capturing our wedding! My groom and I were planning our FL beach wedding from Ohio and had to rely on family and vendors we’d just “met” to help pull off the wedding of our dreams! Emily made a point to make herself a part of our wedding planning. She would call, text, post on my Facebook– just always making sure we knew she was excited for our day too! Leading up to the wedding, I felt comfortable bouncing questions or ideas off Emily to get some professional insight. She even created a BEAUTIFUL watercolor map for us to use in guests’ Welcome Bags! She was also a great sounding board to discuss doing a “first look” (check out their website for TONS of testimonials from their brides and grooms who also chose to do a first look!). On the big day, Emily and Thomas were simply amazing. Not only did they capture beautiful photos, but they really put my groom and I at ease. Our guests absolutely LOVED them– how often does that happen?! I swear my dad has been singing their praises even still, months after the wedding. Your wedding photographer experience continues after the big day though, and certainly, Emily continued to surpass our expectations. She posted sneak peeks right away, some after the film prints were done, then had a beautiful blog put together of our day in no time! It was actually ready on my birthday, which was just another fantastic surprise! People always tell you that your wedding day flies by. My groom and I were shocked at how much of the day seemed like a whirlwind blur after the fact. Being able to go through alllll the pictures Emily and Thomas captured, all the details, love, excitement, and fun energy came flooding back to us. We truly cherish the photographs we now have to forever remind us of our wedding day!

Stephanie Long

000049650009We hired Emily for our wedding photography. From the very beginning she was professional yet warm and welcoming. She must be a psychologist, because she knew how important it was to make us feel comfortable. Months before the wedding, she planned an engagement photoshoot with us at Philippi Park. My husband and I are both extremely uncomfortable with our pictures being taken, possibly for different reasons, but the result is the same…”ugh, they have a camera.” But Emily and Thomas both made the effort to explain everything, from how the light and the type of clothing show up on camera, to how certain poses look, and how to look natural. I can’t tell you how much easier it was to do a “dip” or a “pre-kiss” pose when they were able to demonstrate and make us laugh about it. And nothing was a requirement, if it was comfortable – do it, if not – whatever! In the end the photos showed our personalities way more than I thought they would. The engagement photoshoot really helped us get to know their awesome personalities and grow comfortable with all the click click click of the paparazzi. I mean, thinking back, if she hadn’t gone through all of those pre-wedding steps with us, our wedding photos would have looked stiff and awkward. Instead we were incredibly comfortable, happy, and genuine. Everyone who has seen our wedding photos has been absolutely gaga about them! They look like photos from a fairy tale! I highly recommend Emily Katharine Photography! But seriously, pictures do say a thousand words. Just check out her website and see for yourself!

Jocelyn Vines

000036750014I can’t even begin to express how much I LOVED Emily & Thomas’ photos from our wedding! We did not have a videographer so pictures were of huge importance to us. We wanted to make sure that our day was captured honestly, authentically and truly told a story of the event (and of us as well). We did engagement photos early on and those were spectacular. My husband and I are not super comfortable in front of the camera but Emily & Thomas really made us have fun with it. When I received the photos from our engagement and the wedding, I couldn’t even believe that it was us in the photos. They turned out beautifully and I couldn’t be happier! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Emily & Thomas. Their personalities and work speak for themselves!

Lindsay Cano

000011610006If you can, book Emily Katharine Photography right now! All it took for me was one look at her blog and I knew she was the one. You don’t even have to read the rest of this review, trust me, just do it. But if you’re still reading, I’ll tell you why. When we first reached out to Emily, we could tell that she was genuinely excited for us and interested in photographing our day. Sharing our plans for our wedding with Emily was fun because she was so positive. She was extremely responsive and flexible throughout the many months we communicated. I didn’t have a wedding planner, but Emily developed a schedule for pictures that I was able to use as a base to plan the rest of the day. That was extremely helpful! We didn’t plan on doing an engagement session at first, but we are so glad we did because it helped us to feel less camera-shy on our wedding day (bonus – great photos!) On the day of the wedding, Emily arrived nice and early. She fit right in with the bridal party and it really just felt right that she was there with us. When it was time for our first look (which I would recommend), we were right on schedule. We went outside to a park, and Emily captured everything just perfectly. Multiple people have told me that they have never seen us so happy, and that they can feel the love radiating from the photos. Dan and I both don’t consider ourselves to be photogenic, but Emily’s photos of us look natural and beautiful. Besides being the most talented photographer, she is also as sweet as can be and she is the kind of girl that becomes your friend right away. I’m sadly running out of space on this review, but trust me – having Emily Katharine Photography at our wedding was hands down the BEST decision we made!

Rachel Shannon

000035300015I can’t even begin to describe how perfectly Emily and Thomas captured our day. Even before my husband and I were engaged, I knew I wanted Emily and Thomas to photograph our wedding because of their beautiful, soft images. Not to mention, they shoot film (and do it well!), a major priority for me in booking a photographer. So I was beyond relieved when I called Emily, and they were thankfully available on our wedding date. Communication with Emily from the very beginning was absolutely seamless. She is always so quick to reply to text or email, and even helped me to come up with a wedding timeline for the entire day. They are so flexible and willing to help wherever they’re needed, with a smile on their face. Emily even ended up helping me into my wedding dress because we were short on time and everyone else was scrambling to get ready. You don’t realize how much time you’re actually going to spend with your photographer on the day of your wedding, so you might as well choose people as awesome as Emily and Thomas. You’ll up with two new best friends by the time your wedding is over. And really, really amazing photos to help you remember your big day.

Meghan Wilson

MR13242rob200519-R2-024My husband and I were referred to Emily and Thomas by mutual friends and could not have been happier with our decision to work with them. They were friendly, made us feel so comfortable throughout the entire process, and provided us with the most beautiful pictures of our special day! We really enjoyed how personable they both were and how quick they were to respond to us every step of the way. Emily was wonderful with helping us plan out our special day and working with us to tailor it to what we liked and were looking for. We are so grateful for everything they were able to do for us and love each and every single photo they took of the wedding! Both Emily and Thomas played such a valuable role in helping us to make our day as special as it was and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for photographers for any event!

Ewelina Bordwine

3678_03Emily came into our world as a referral from a friend in the industry. Just looking at her website, we were impressed with her work. Her photos embodied the exact style we were looking for our photos. Soft, romantic, fun and playful.

She was quick to respond to emails. My husband and I decided to meet her for coffee and we were writing her a deposit check before we even left the table. We could tell she had an AWESOME personality from the get go – professional, passionate, and so easy to talk to. It didn’t feel as though we were hiring a stranger to document such an important day of our lives, it felt as though a friend was photographing us.

Leading up to the wedding, Emily kept in constant contact with us. She was an integral part of keeping us on track. I was more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants bride so Emily’s preparation proved to be VERY helpful in making things run smoothly. Day of the wedding, Emily and Thomas were PHENOMENAL. On top of taking pictures, Thomas helped pack up the decorations I forgot to hand off and Emily took a moment alone with me to snap photos, but more importantly to calm my nerves. To have a team like that, made all the difference. Those are some of memories that I fondly look back on with them.

My husband and I also had a great time getting our pictures taken alone with those two. We didn’t know what we were doing, but they did an excellent job of guiding us, but also enjoying the moment and laughing, which made for awesome pictures. But honestly, there was not a set of pictures that we didn’t gush over. They did such a great job of capturing our amazing night. I think it makes such a difference when you have two photographers, and those two are an excellent team. I highly recommend Emily and Thomas!

Kimberly Villalba

7337_12Emily and Thomas didn’t just provide photography for our wedding, they provided support and friendship. They were sometimes our sanity in the craziness of it all. They know their stuff when it comes to weddings and really helped out when we were stuck. Emily helped us think through the timeline of the day and helped outline who we wanted to make sure we had photos with. The other great thing about them is their excitement. Sometimes when dealing with people in the wedding industry you feel like you’re just another wedding, but they made us feel special and unique. They were always excited to hear details of planning and we never felt like we were boring them or bothering them. I would (and have) recommend them to my family and closest friends because I know they will be taken care of. LOVE THEM! 

Melissa King

000068480006When Jeff and I got engaged (actually, before then!), we knew we wanted Emily and Thomas photographing our wedding. Emily was incredibly responsive to every message I sent. She made planning easy! Jeff and I were nervous to be in front of the camera, but Emily and Thomas made our engagement session fun and easy, making our wedding day a breeze! Our wedding was a 10 am ceremony- which means a very early morning! Emily and Thomas arrived at our hotel at 5:30 in the morning, driving 2 hours to get there! Everything they did felt seamless- even coordinating the multitude of family photos with semi-cooperative young children. We received all of our photos from our wedding in less than 4 weeks, and they are spectacular. Choosing our prints will be difficult because I love them all! Our wedding day was perfect, and made all the better by Emily and Thomas. We are so happy they captured our day so perfectly and would chose them all over again! Emily and Thomas- thank you so much for everything you have done. We owe so much of our happiness to you (literally)!! 

Ryan Tyson

000023470015We hired Emily Katharine Photography to shoot our annual family photos. The only regret I have is not using her sooner! We did a mini session at the beautiful Philippe Park in Safety Harbor and couldn’t have asked for a better result. I have been following her work for about a year now and was thrilled to get to be a part of her work this time! The images were stunning and will be cherished for a lifetime. Emily and Thomas make the process a total breeze! They are professional yet make it fun and easy. I highly recommend using Emily Katharine Photography for any event– whether it be weddings, family photos, engagement, etc. You will not regret it.

Cassandra Ceballos

7253_02While shopping for wedding photographers it seemed like they were trying to nickel and dime us on everything! It must have been fate that brought us to Emily Katharine Photography. I knew Thomas from college and ended up liking their Facebook page and falling in LOVE with the photos Emily was posting. We had no idea where we wanted to take engagement photos, but Emily took our general ideas and gave us a few options. We decided on Bok Tower and I am so glad we did. In retrospect, doing our engagement session with our wedding photographer was ESSENTIAL. By the time our wedding came around we felt like Emily was an old friend. She was always available by email, text, Facebook and phone. She even helped us create a wedding timeline which was executed perfectly on our wedding day. She captured beautiful posed and candid shots that capture some very precious moments for us. We are already looking forward to the next time we can do a photography session with Emily and Thomas again!

Shannon Wilder

000033360009As my fiancé and I started looking for a photographer for our wedding I fell in love with the pictures I found on Emily Katharine Photography’s website. I e-mailed Emily to inquire about her packages and what she offers. Not only did she respond very quickly but she was willing to work with me. She wanted to know our individual stories and how we met. She cared about our stories and what we wanted.

We me with Emily and Thomas first for our engagement photos that are amazing…I never knew I could love a picture of myself so much! After our engagement session she asked us for feedback so she could make sure we were comfortable with all of our photos and poses and she wanted to make sure the pictures she took were truly capturing Paul and I as a couple. Emily also helped with our wedding planning by helping us put together a wedding day timeline that was so helpful and kept everyone on track. Emily and Thomas made Paul and I feel special and like we have known them for years. We also did not have to wait long to get our wedding photos back and they are truly amazing and capture our special day in a beautiful light. Also because there are two of them I was also able to see pictures of my fiancé getting ready and I thought that was awesome :) I also love how creative Emily and Thomas are.

Tim Hall

000096120002My wife and I had the great pleasure of working with Emily and Thomas for our wedding in November. They are extremely professional, accommodating, creative and helpful. To begin, they arrived early and were immediately prepared to start capturing the day. The intimate moments Emily and Thomas captured of both the girls and guys getting ready, laughing, sharing cheers and tears were spectacular.

Emily suggested the idea of doing a “First Look”. I was apprehensive at first because I thought it would take away from that moment when you see your bride for the first time walking down the aisle. I could not be happier for taking her advice. It was the best moment of the entire event for me. Being able to feel anxious, excited and emotional without having to hold it together for the crowd was a moment I will never forget. The moment I turned around, I couldn’t help but fall even more in love with her and be able to cry, laugh and embrace each other in such an intimate setting.

We also did our bridal portraits and bridal party shots prior to the ceremony, again Emily’s idea. With only the family pictures left to do after the ceremony, we were able to actually enjoy the cocktail hour and give thanks to our guests. The rest of the night was captured with great elegance. Emily and Thomas made everyone feel so comfortable and even walked us through cutting the cake with style. We were absolutely thrilled with the results and LOVED the teasers that Emily would post to Facebook and Instagram.

Our wedding pictures arrived about a month later, blowing all of our expectations out of the water! To anyone looking for a world class photographer to work with for your wedding and/or engagement pictures, Emily Katharine Photography comes highly recommended. Thank you so much Emily and Thomas, we couldn’t imagine working with anyone else!

Justine Thompson

9704_14Let me start off by saying that Emily and Thomas are THE best! I live in Fort Myers and one of my good friends was college roommates with Emily. Emily did my friend’s engagement session and because I wanted sneak peaks of my friends engagement session, I started following Emily’s photography page on facebook and found myself CONSTANTLY stopping and scrolling back up the page because her pictures were just fabulous. I knew I wanted her to do our engagement session as soon as we got engaged! I reached out via e-mail and she was extremely friendly and always answered every question I had. The first time we met face-to-face was at our engagement session, needless to say my fiancé and I were slightly nervous especially since we had never met them before. They made us feel incredibly comfortable and by the end of the session they felt like friends we had known for years! Between the engagement session and the wedding, Emily stayed in constant contact with me via email and text message, always checking in to see how I was feeling and how things were progressing and always offering to help in any way. Whether it was our engagement pictures or our wedding photos, they are all beautiful. We have printed many of them and turned others into canvases. We had many of our wedding guests compliment our photos and Emily & Thomas as well. They are awesome. We could not have had a better photography experience!

Anna Nething

000092190013Emily and her husband Thomas are the perfect duo. They made our day so relaxed and incredibly fun! I never thought I could be relaxed on my wedding day but hanging out with them was so calming! Beyond their fantastic presence, their work is unreal. They captured us, our beloved puppy, our bridal party and friends and family in such gorgeous light and stance. Their work is primarily on film, which requires incredible talent! The film photos have such soft tones, bringing heart into the pictures. I can’t recommend them more. You’ll want to be best friends with them after the engagement session and after the wedding, you’ll miss having them around!

Andrew DeSimon

000045660014Emily Katharine Photography was hired as our engagement and wedding photographers. I had shot weddings in the past myself, so I knew what my wife and I would need in regards to skill level, equipment used, and general knowledge of how to be a wedding photographer. Emily Katharine Photography’s skill level was immediately evident when we looked at the website. Also, we enjoyed working with Emily and Thomas on a personal level. People underestimate the importance of getting along with your vendors. We needed to be able to trust our photographers, and they absolutely earned that trust from our first meeting.

Thomas and the rest of my party knew we were in for a long wait. My wife, while I love her dearly, has a poor concept of time. She planned a lot of buffer and blew right through it in prep. Thomas hung out with us and photographed the boys being boys. He took me aside and got photos of myself alone without being intrusive. All in all, both Emily and Thomas were very professional and great about keeping both parties on schedule without being pushy. They’re sensible and they prioritize; they know which shots are necessary for Thank You cards, while also recognizing which moments will matter most to the bride and groom. Both Emily and Thomas know when to give excellent direction.

They were a pleasure to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone else and work with them personally again.

Michelle Stoker

000034380007Emily and Thomas are a dream to work with. They are both so passionate about providing beautiful, quality images to their clients. I am so happy that I have some photos of me and my husband on film, thanks to Emily. Her work is incredible and I am so happy to have worked with her. She is quick to respond, happy to discuss details, and provides a beautiful product. I highly recommend using Emily and Thomas for your wedding, engagement, portraits, etc!

Heather Hilliard

000047530005Emily’s creativity, attention to detail and professionalism were absolutely amazing – a true asset for every bride-to-be. I am forever grateful for the way Emily captured every moment of our wedding, and I will treasure her photos for years to come. Plus, her blog writing was spot on – she brought our love story to life with such beautiful words. I will highly recommend Emily always!

Brittney Lawhorn

000047540006Emily Katharine Photography is a phenomenal company and the photographers, Emily & Thomas, are the definition of professionals in the wedding and photography industries. We had a great chemistry with Emily, right off the bat, with her warmth and knowledgeability. She was able to gauge and accommodate our photographic needs based on our personal styles and how we wanted to remember our event.

It was very important for us to have a great communicator in our vendors because we were planning our Florida wedding from Nashville, TN. Imagine our relief when we booked with Emily Katharine Photography, we guaranteed ourselves a vendor that was on time to our event and responded to our questions & concerns swiftly.

Meagan Cates

000047490016My husband and I wanted to take some pictures for our 2 year wedding anniversary and from the beginning Emily Katharine Photography impressed us. Emily responds to emails and questions very quickly and she also took the time to get to know my husband and I before our shoot. She and Thomas were awesome to work with. They made the shoot fun and comfortable, there were many laughs between all of us! They are very creative and came up with great poses and were also open to any ideas my husband or I had. Emily includes pictures on film and I love that she did. It was great to have that service available. We absolutely LOVE how all of our pictures turned out! We couldn’t have been happier! The turn around time to get our pictures was very quick! Emily kept me updated as to when she would be putting some sneak peek pictures up and also when she shipped the CD of pictures to us. The presentation of the CD was also cute! My husband and I will definitely be using Emily Katharine Photography again in the future!! Very pleased!

Laura Hildebrandt

Tallahassee Wedding PhotographerI can’t sing Emily and Thomas’ praises enough! Emily Katharine Photography shot our engagement and our wedding, and the photos from both exceeded my wildest expectations. Emily is an incredibly talented photographer with a great eye for details and a knack for sensing the perfect lighting. On top of that, she is professional, friendly, and extremely passionate about what she does. She’s as excited to capture your big day as you are about getting married, engaged, a new dog, etc., and that positive energy was invaluable on our wedding day. From the time we arranged our engagement shoot to receiving the photos from our wedding (in record time, might I add), Emily kept in touch through phone, text, email, just to make sure everything was in place and to let me know how the photos were coming along. She is very interested in getting to know you as a person/couple, scoping out your venue in advance, and in understanding exactly what you want from her so she can provide you with the best product possible. You will be hard-pressed to find more dedicated or personal service, and I would recommend them to anyone!

Kindal Wallum

Gainesville Film PhotographerEmily Katharine Photography is a one of kind, found only in the hearts of people who not only love their passion but the people captured by it. Emily and Thomas have over the past year photographed my Engagement, Bridal Shower, and most recently wedding with exceeding expectations with every preview and final product. When it comes to the vendor department I don’t think a Bride could have asked for more. She is more than just a photographer; she is your rock in a sea of wedding what ifs. You always know she will stand solid and that is invaluable in the wedding industry. Over the past year I could not have been more blessed in my wedding journey to have her as a photographer and moreover now as a forever friend. If you are looking for a photographer who will share your wedding love and joy as much as you do, then look no further you have found your photographer right here.

Jamie Oliver

Top Tampa Wedding PhotographersAs soon as I saw samples of photos taken by Emily and Thomas of Emily Katharine Photography, I knew I wanted them at my wedding! And, I was so fortunate for that to come true. Emily and Thomas were professional and sweet … our friends and family adored both of them. They also made posing for pictures more fun than my husband and I could ever imagine! It’s said that your wedding day will be a blur, and it was, but when I look through the pictures … from the photos of our entire family to the amazingly detailed candid shots of the experience … I remember it all well. That wouldn’t be possible without Emily and Thomas. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Joyce Lee

Best St. Petersburg PhotographerI am the type of person that does a lot of research before I commit to a vendor. I personally know a lot of photographers and my husband had been a wedding photographer for a while too. Emily Katharine Photography hit aces with every requirement we wanted. When we were researching, Emily’s photos had a look to them that no other photographer got quite so perfectly. They captured a feeling, a quiet, a palpable sense of peace in their pictures that eventually boils down to raw talent. No other photographers gave us the visceral and immediate feelings that Emily Katharine Photography’s photos did.

Pre wedding process– We booked Emily a year in advance. We had a very specific date in mind that didn’t have flexibility on changing. Before the big day, Emily would text me regularly to get me hyped up, and to also keep a pulse on how I was feeling throughout the whole planning process. Wedding prep is really hard, and it’s easy for a bride to get completely overwhelmed by the details. Emily honestly cared about me throughout, highlighting the importance of timelines and itineraries, and served as an awesome sounding board for ideas. She also helped keep me grounded through the process, making sure my ideas were reasonable on everyone involved.

Wedding day shoot– Emily was my shadow. While I was in the whirlwind of getting ready and getting pushed from place to place to stay on schedule, Emily documented the whole process for me. She has this down to a science. She watches and waits with incredible patience and captures every moment. From hair to makeup to dresses to standing around and generically “getting ready”, she is next to you, supporting you, gushing about you, loving you as much as she genuinely and professionally can– while taking pictures of it all. Thomas, on the other hand, is one of the guys (he gets it easy!) and watches and documents as they suit up. Both of them are incredibly good about rolling with the punches while keeping both parties on schedule without being pushy. They’re sensible and they prioritize; they know which shots are necessary for Thank You cards, while also recognizing which moments will matter most to the bride and groom. Emily knows when to give excellent direction, while Thomas manages to catch the candid moments in between posed pictures. Together, they get every nuanced and tender second, while also capturing all of the giggle fits.

On the final product– I’ve concluded that Emily rarely eats or sleeps. Emily Katharine Photography is actually run by elves or something. The turnaround for the complete edited photographs is so quick. They wade through thousands of wedding photos, looking for the best, the funniest, the quietest, the most joyful, the most memorable, etc. and perfect each one. It’s obvious how much time, heart, and love they pour into this craft. My friends and family now shamelessly follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and her blog to hopefully catch another preview photo or article about not just us, but her other adventures. It’s impossible not to love everything about Emily Katharine Photography!

Shannon Fleming

000060980005From the first email, Emily was quickly responsive and very helpful. After a few conversations with Emily, my fiance and I decided to try her out with some engagement photos. We had a blast as Emily and her fun loving second shooter, modeled for us, kept conversation flowing and helped us relax. I love how while waiting for the photos, sneak peeks were available on her blog and Facebook. We loved the arrangement of photos we received back on a DVD packages so sweetly. We kept in very close contact with Emily and Thomas up until our wedding, when they blew us away with the moments they captured. They were very professional yet easy going, which was important to me. They were able to snap so many candid shots without being noticed. I am so thankful to have had Emily and Thomas photograph our big day and I look forward to the next event I can work with them again.

Katharine Hill

000034560006Emily is fantastic, there is really no other way to put it. She went above and beyond to make sure we had wonderful pictures that represented us and the feel of our special day. Her and Thomas make a wonderful team, who go with the flow and are dedicated to perfecting their trade. I also really like the attention to detail that Emily had in everything from her photos to her interactions with you. I would be more than happy to personally talk to anyone who is on the fence about hiring Emily, as I think there is no better option and will be requesting her services again for other events.

Wave Cherntongchai

UF Graduation PhotographerMy friend and I were graduating from UF and yes, we wanted to do a graduation session. My friend’s friend recommended Emily Katharine Photography and after looking at the photos on her blog and Facebook page, I absolutely loved it! And the fact that she used film and digital in her session was also another selling point for me. When the time came and we met Emily and Thomas in person, I gotta say that I felt like they were my friends since high school. They made me and my friend felt very comfortable and we were not awkward at posing at all. The two-hour session with them was more like a high school reunion (we talked, we had fun, and we got to know each other) and at the same time, they were able to capture our personalities each time they hit the shutter. The photos are gorgeous and I have a lot to choose from. I am glad that I chose Emily Katharine Photography and even more glad that I got to know these amazing people. I would recommend them to anyone. I would definitely choose them again if I had a chance!

Morgan Harris

Naples Film PhotographerEmily recently photographed an engagement session for me and my fiancé and exceeded our expectations in every way! As soon as we coordinated a date for the session (which she was very organized and accommodating about), Emily was bursting with excitement to know our story, details about each of us, and about us as a couple. She did such a lovely job of incorporating our personalities in the photos and in her blog. Emily and Thomas are so talented, professional, and an extremely fun-loving, easy going pair. They made the photo session effortless and so much fun. We honestly had a blast taking photos with them! And she was extremely prompt with the turn around of the photos. All of my family and friends LOVED our pictures. Emily uses a film camera (in addition to a digital) that she sends out to get developed – the photos are so unique and STUNNING! Emily captures every ounce of emotion, happiness, and love that you would want for any photo and she is a joy to work with.

Hannah Hergenhan

000096660010I’ve known Emily since I was about ten. We went to summer camp together and she was always an incredible friend. When my husband and I were looking for wedding photographers for our August wedding in Vermont, I knew immediately who my first choice was. I’d been following Emily’s business since it started, and I was so impressed with her portfolio. I was beyond thrilled that she was available and able to travel all the way to Vermont with her assistant Thomas to photograph our wedding. Through the entire time we corresponded, to the end of the night of the wedding, she and Thomas were so incredibly professional, kind and considerate of all of our requests. There are so many moving parts involved in a wedding, and the last thing you want to worry about is whether your special day will be captured. With Emily Katharine Photography, you will have absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Emily and Thomas are such professionals, and, unlike some wedding photographers I’ve seen, blended right in and were so nice to our guests. I heard so much positive feedback from everyone about how incredibly polite and courteous they were throughout the night. Not only were they astounding the day of the wedding (literally climbing into the barn’s hay loft to get better angles), but the turn around on the photos was lightning fast, we had most of them within a month or less. The photos were lovely and we will cherish them and what they captured forever. We can’t thank Emily and Thomas enough for everything and wish them and their business the best of luck! They come with the highest recommendation my husband and I can give.

Christa Landram

St. Pete Maternity PhotographerEmily and Thomas did an absolutely amazing job for our maternity photos. My husband and I were on the fence as to whether or not we wanted to do them and we are so THRILLED that we not only decided to get them but that we chose Emily Katharine Photography. They made us feel so relaxed and comfortable the whole time. In looking through our photos we see how many of them captured the love my husband and I have for each other and our daughter and I thank Emily for capturing that so perfectly. I cannot say enough great things about them – if you are looking for a photographer Emily Katharine is your answer. We cannot wait to use them for future events!

Amy Metz

000060430015The minute I met Emily in person, I felt comfortable. I had no problem posing or being myself while she snapped away. My husband is not the smiley type but she and Thomas were able to capture his emotion and smile brilliantly in our engagement pictures and at our wedding. I was blown away by the quality, perspective, and professionalism I saw with Emily Katharine Photography. I would recommend them to anyone and if I had to do it all again, I would without thinking twice.

Christina Devivo

USF Graduation PhotographerMy experience with Emily Katharine Photography was more than I could have asked for. Thomas and Emily were exceptional photographers and went above and beyond what was expected.They were both were such a pleasure to be around and always had me smiling or laughing. I am not the most photogenic person, but during my session they made me feel very comfortable and beautiful. This entire process, from booking the session to receiving the photos, was very simple and I appreciated receiving my photos in a timely fashion. Emily’s passion for photography was reflected in the shoot and her positive energy made my session that much more enjoyable. I am more than pleased with how my graduation photos came out, and I would without a doubt recommend Emily Katharine Photography to any of my friends. Thank you so much Emily and Thomas for my amazing photos and making my graduation even better! Your passion is inspiring and you are such a joy to be around!

Andrea Clements

Seattle Film PhotographerI recently met Emily and Thomas (her assistant) in Seattle and fell in love with them instantly. Her calm demeanor and professionalism was very impressive. Her enthusiasm was also contagious. We braved the 6 am photo shoot to have most optimal light and it was worth it! Our photos were gorgeous- what an amazing, talented young artist. I am so excited to have her at our wedding!

Logan May

Gainesville Film Wedding PhotographerWe heard about Emily and Thomas through a friend who had recently gotten married. After meeting with Emily for the first time we never felt out of the loop. She kept in great contact with us and gave us updates throughout the process of taking pictures (first engagement, then wedding) all the way through us getting our disks and her asking for feedback. I am not normally a person who enjoys being photographed, but Emily and Thomas made the experience a breeze. Within minutes it feels like you are just out taking pictures with old friends. They are both amazing people and phenomenal at what they do! We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Melissa Tobin

St. Petersburg Film PhotographerWords cannot describe how much I enjoyed Emily Katharine Photography taking my portraits. She is a joy to be around and discovers angles that only a unique and talented photographer would see. The process from scheduling the shoot to receiving the photos was a pleasant breeze. She does everything and anything for her clients and it is very admirable. Her passion for photographing and interacting with me showed just how much I was appreciated by her and to top that, her amazing-ness reflects in her photos! I am so pleased about how my photos came out that I immediately booked her to do my family portraits. Thank you Emily Katharine Photography for being passionate about everything you do! Means a lot.

Vanessa Williams

VanessaEKP-18I came across some gorgeous photos taken by Emily Katharine Photography so myself and a friend decided to get in contact with Emily. After scheduling a session, I was a bit apprehensive because I’m not one who takes many pictures. However, I immediately felt comfortable when I met Emily and she pulled the fun and creativity right out of me! She is an excellent photographer and a really fun-loving person to be around. Some of the poses she suggested were really unique and turned out wonderful!! I am so happy with the way the entire session went and it gave me a whole new appreciation for photography. Thank you Emily!!

Michelle Hlavacka

Carillon St Pete EngagementI was flattered and extremely excited when Emily asked Matt and I to do photos for her blog. We were finally able to find a last minute time slot that worked for both of us after having to cancel and reschedule a few times due to weather, but Emily was extremely patient and easy going through the entire time leading up to the shoot, and it made me all the more excited! I will admit I was a little nervous right beforehand, but Emily is absolutely wonderful in all aspects – her eye for scenic backdrops, suggestions for dress, subtle pose suggestions and constant stream of compliments put my nerves at ease and enabled Matt and I to interact in a natural way that made it hard to choose a favorite picture from the shoot! While it may have taken a few tries for our schedules to meet and weather to cooperate, it took no time at all for Emily to finish editing the photos and send us our film. Emily Katharine Photography is extremely professional, genuinely talented and admirably passionate about her work – I would highly recommend her for any of your photography needs!

Chelsea McCool

Fort Myers Film PhotographerWorking with Emily is an absolute pleasure! She and her assistant Thomas truly make you feel that you are a star. My Fiance and I worked with them a few weeks ago to shoot our engagement photos. One word that can sum up the experience would have to be AMAZING! From their professionalism to their passion, Emily Katharine Photography is a top notch business that met and far exceeded our expectations. While we were shooting Emily made us feel so comfortable which allowed our pictures to resonate a completely natural feel. She both coached us and worked with us on poses. It was wonderful because we got all of the shots we wanted and more. I highly recommend this photographer for any of your photo needs. I can’t wait for her to shoot our wedding! The BEST experience with photos we have ever had. Thank you so much Emily!

Kelsey Abel

St. Pete Film PhotographyWalking up to meet Emily the day of our shoot, the number one thing I did not want were cheesy couple photos. (I think they are creepy. Haha) Not only were Emily Katharine Photography’s photos not cheesy, but they were also original, natural and so us! We are not the biggest picture-takers, so I thought we would be awkward to begin with, but she made us very comfortable, and most of all, it was fun! She had so many creative ideas and wasn’t afraid to try things new and different. I loved that. You can tell she does her research not only on the photography but also took into account our personalities as well which resulted in GREAT photos. Also, Emily is a total sweetheart. (Not once was she worried about what time it was, how many photos she was taking, or how many times I wanted to change my shoes) I will definitely be working with her in the future!

Jessie Thomas

2014ThomasFamily-32I’ve used Emily Katharine Photography to capture my family twice, both of which were great experiences and yielded beautiful photos! Her and Thomas were absolutely amazing with my young girls and captured beautiful shots of them. I love Emily Katharine Photography!


Miriam Rattes

Ybor Portrait SessionI had a photo shoot with Emily a few weeks ago and had such a fun time. She really pays attention to every detail and not only is great at capturing photos but knows how to capture the “you” in every picture. Emily is so patient and makes you feel super comfortable. After the photo shoot, I was on the edge of my seat to see the pictures! She was so prompt on getting the beautifully edited pictures to me. My CD with the entire shoot was in my mailbox within a few days! I would recommend Emily with my highest rating, she is so wonderful and a pleasure to work with!

Joyce Lee

New Jersey Film PhotographerPhoto date scheduling/arrangement process

Pros: Being that our engagement was a year+ before our wedding, we didn’t have any urgency/special requests or needs. While we preferred the fall season, we were open and flexible based on the photographer’s availability. After deliberating for a bit, Emily picked a date in the heart of the season that we wanted (Autumn with the changing leaves), despite October being prime wedding month. Needless to say, my fiance and I appreciated this very much! It’s a good sign that our photographers are in such high demand, and it’s an even better sign that they were willing to still accommodate our preference.

Cons: None– booking was easy. She even reminded me periodically, expressing how excited she was!

Special bonus: Being that Emily Katharine Photography is based out of Florida, and my fiance and I live in North Jersey, we really hoped that Emily would come up to shoot us in the fall foliage, but also knew that mother nature can be precarious. Somehow, the date she picked managed to be in sync with the universe and the leaves were in the midst of changing around where we lived. The landscape had huge pops of green, red, yellow, and brown– truly a storybook fall! While I’m not trying to suggest that Emily controls the weather, she does have quite a knack for picking dates!

On site shoot

Pros: Emily has this down to a science. She goes out with a big vision– from the moment she stepped onto the trail we wanted to take her on, she was already composing pictures in her frame. Besides her swooning and oggling over the beautiful leaves (hey, a girl’s gotta gush when she’s gotta gush), she remained incredibly professional, capturing every lovey dovey moment, as well as every giggle and expression. She knows when to give excellent (and much needed) direction, while Thomas somehow managed to catch every “in-between” moment when no one was looking. Together, they got every nuanced and tender second.

Cons: It seemed like there was no defined place to stop or end the session– it was more like we all collectively lost steam. I think it would have been good to have a point where it was stated that we were done because we didn’t want to take pictures forever. While I wonder if it was partially the lack of familiarity with the area (because we picked it and they have never been there before), I think that Emily was also too kind/generous to decide on a stopping point.

Special bonus: They took some shots with film. Legit, old school film! I can not wait to see what those end up looking like!

On the preview

Pros: OMG, I GOT TO PREVIEW MY (digital) PICTURES IN A RIDICULOUSLY SHORT TURNOVER! Within moments, my photos were back to evaluate. While they were raw and unedited, it was incredible to have such an awesome return time. I got to see everything they caught through the lens! Also, seeing the photos on Facebook made me feel on top of the world.

Cons: None– I got to preview all of my photos (which is exactly what I wanted!)!

Special bonus: I don’t know if I emphasized the turnaround time enough. Emily Katharine Photography is efficient and does not mess around!

On the final product

Pros: Somedays, I wonder if Emily Katharine Photography is actually run by elves or something. The turnaround for the complete edited photographs was so quick. I ended up with well over 100 pictures and a personalized thank you note from both Emily and Thomas. It’s obvious how much time, heart, and love they pour into this craft. The photos were great before– now they’re perfect and being used for everything! The film ones are taking a bit longer (reasonably, being film and all) and we’re really excited to see how those come out.


Special bonus: In case this wasn’t obvious, Emily and Thomas put a personal touch into every piece of their work. I adore them to pieces and would recommend their services to anyone. They’re easy to work with and incredibly talented.

Rachel Ahearn

Albert and Alberta GraduationThis young woman is quite a talent! Emily did my UF graduation pictures in June. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but the two hour session went amazing! She instantly made me feel very comfortable and confident. I was blown away with how she paid so close attention to detail and how many fresh, new ideas she had for me. The pictures turned out unbelievably amazing!! I am beyond happy with the outcome and I plan to use her again for future photo shoots. I highly highly recommend her as a photographer!!

Jason Beck

Gator GraduationEmily is a fantastic photographer and person. She understands the importance of getting to know her clients and bringing out the best in them through her art. I have used her services on two occasions and I was very pleased with both shoots. Emily creates an experience for her clients beyond the typical photo shoot. She is literally bringing your individual story to life, resulting in timeless photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. Affordable and practical, Emily Katharine Photography will always be my choice business for my future photography needs.

Kayley Stevens

St Pete Glamor PhotographerEmily Katharine Photography has documented the most precious moments in my life in the best way possible. Emily’s professionalism, kindness, flexibility, and direction exceeded my already high expectations. Not only did her photography prove to be brilliant but her versatility impressed me most of all. For our first ever shoot together, we did a casual modeling day shoot with me that was rather eclectic and bohemian. She captured the beauty of the outdoors surrounding me, my facial features, the outfit, and the silhouette of my body so well. For the second shoot we were doing promo dance photos in a dance studio. Emily captured me doing all sorts of jumps, leaps, and turns and made it all look effortless. Not only did she portray my body and my dance lines in a magnificent light, but she somehow managed to make sure that my smile and face were always included in the body shots, making the photo shoot all the more spectacular. My third session was a headshot series that I needed for musical theatre auditions (I am a Theatre Graduate moving to New York City to pursue my dream of becoming a professional dancer). Emily, once again proved how skillful and versatile she was by capture my face close up at the most flattering angles and making my eyes and mouth pop so that I could land any Broadway job in the future. Finding a professional to take good headshots for a great price is near IMPOSSIBLE so I was thrilled to have emily make superb audition shots for me with my name on the bottom of them. Last but not least, Emily photographed my Undergraduate graduation pictures. When she released her album and showed them to me I got teary eyed. She encompassed everything I wanted to reflect on with my time in college. She helped guide me through the photos and helped me pose and find the best lighting possible, encouraged my friends and boyfriend to hop in the photos, and made us all look like we stepped out of a graduation magazine advertisement. I still look at those pictures almost every day. Words cannot express my gratitude for Emily Katharine photography and the precious moments she has captured behind her lens.

Hala Assar

Kanapaha Garden Wedding PhotographyEmily Katharine Photography shot my wedding in March of this year. My expectations were absolutely exceeded. Emily was professional and on top of it. The lines of communication were open and direct. Whenever I voiced a need or a want, Emily responded gracefully and made it happen. Emily also directed us while we were taking photos, which was invaluable. She and her team took initiative with the photos and it showed. The pictures turned out beautifully. We couldn’t believe it! The team had done the research, gone to the venue, scoped out the light and location, and gotten to know us and what we wanted. This really came through in the shots! As a bride there are so many things to worry about, and if you book Emily Katharine Photography– photography will not be something you will need to worry about. She covers her bases, and does this job beautifully and with style!

Brielle Friedman

San Francisco Film PhotographyI have been using Emily as my photographer for years – from graduation photos to beach photos with friends! Her photos are absolutely amazing, and she is a delight to work with. Emily is very professional, and really cares about the work that she does, and her dedication to her craft shows in each and every one of her photos. Before a shoot, she takes the time to speak with me in depth about the concept and look I want, so she can be sure to capture exactly what I’m looking for. I am always impressed by just how good the final photos are! I only wish I was still local so that I could use Emily more often.